We appreciate your interest in becoming a FaithPartner with
Ever increasing Faith Ministries.

EIF is the global outreach of Crenshaw Christian Center. Apostle Frederick K.C. Price was called to television to teach the uncompromising Word of God. The Word he teaches is the spiritual enrichment and edification every believer needs.

The practical revelation from Godís Word helps every believer understand the authority Jesus Christ has given us through faith. Every believer has the measure of Faith once they are born again. When they apply the Word of God to their lives, they will begin to experience the abundant life Jesus died to give us through Salvation.

We are workers together with the Lord in this ministry.

As the Word goes forth, many are set free from the barriers of tradition, doubt, fear, unbelief and things of the world that would keep them from receiving all that God has stored up for them for His Glory.

As a FaithPartner with Ever Increasing Faith Ministries you will be a part of the love, joy, peace and prosperity as hearts are changed, minds are renewed and bodies are healed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How to Become a FaithPartner

BRONZE$300 annually per person or $25.00 per month
Includes "How to develop your Faith" CD set.

SILVER$500 annually per person or $50.00 per month
Includes "How Faith Works Classic" CD set.

GOLD$750 annually per person or $62.00 per month
Includes "How Faith Works Classic" DVD set.

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